Load and unload trucks in <5 minutes

Automated trailer loading without modification

Robots that use the dock you already have

Our trailer loading and unloading solution does not require modifications to your dock or trailers is compatible with almost all dock plates or dock levelers. The solution is operational within 10 minutes of delivery and instantly begins providing savings.

Move trucks through docks quickly

Slip makes shuttle routes operate with ultra-efficiency. Truck drivers can do a full live-load in less time than it takes to do a drop-and-hook. See the video for a comparison of live-unloads with a forklift and with Slip Robots.

Dock operations are better with Slip Robots

Slip provides a frictionless robotic implementation while solving the biggest challenges faced in the trailer loading and unloading process. We build robots that provide value in the same-day they arrive at your facility.


Reduce trailer loading and unloading time by 89% and lead time to the destination by up to 50% by using our solution to load and unload.


Load 8X as many trailers with the same number of operators by reducing waste in movement caused by current trailer loading processes.


Reduce material handling damage by 40% by reducing touches and impacts.


25% of industrial accidents involve a loading dock. Our solution removes the need for operators to enter trailers to load, unload, or secure.

The fastest automated
trailer loading and unloading system (ATLS)

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