Use Cases


Manufacturing Logistics

Automated trailer loading and unloading in inbound and outbound shuttle truck routes at manufacturing plants can provide numerous benefits. Firstly, it can increase efficiency and productivity by reducing the amount of time required for loading and unloading trailers. This can help to reduce the overall turnaround time for shuttle trucks, allowing them to make more trips and transport more goods in a given time period. Secondly, automated loading and unloading can improve safety by reducing the number of forklifts and the need for forklifts to move into trailers. This can help to prevent injuries and improve working conditions for employees. Additionally, automated systems can also help to reduce damage to goods during the loading and unloading process, which can improve the quality of the products being transported. Overall, the use of automated trailer loading and unloading systems can provide significant benefits for manufacturing plants.

Big and Bulky Movement

Slip robots can move object that weigh up to 12,000 lbs and each robot has a footprint of up to 128 square feet. As such, Slip robots can be utilized to move large products or material around a facility. They can also be used to move many pallets at once, which can siginificantly reduce the amount of forklift traffic shuttling material throughout a facility.